Be Prepared Be Yourself

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My advice when applying for a job is to Be Prepared & Be Yourself.


To Be Prepared means you are starting to invest time in yourself, determining what you really want, understanding your skills and experiences and gathering great examples from your competencies and achievements.  It is about digging deep and asking yourself some honest questions.  It is about addressing obstacles like fear and nerves during a presentation or interview and ensuring you will confidently tell your story.


To successfully go through a recruitment and selection process requires hard work and time.  You receive information about the job, which must be read in detail and carefully.  Understand what the job is, what the company wants and ask yourself if it is a job that you want.


Most importantly throughout the process you must Be Yourself.  Don’t try and second guess what the panel wants, they want to see the real you and if you’re not right for that role then so be it – move on, next job please!


A job interview is a meeting, a communication, a discussion.  The panel hopes to get the right person for the job and the applicant hopes they can tell the panel they’re the right person for the job.  It is as easy as that but remember it is a Two-Way Process.


Applicants get in a knot about a selection process but you must change your thinking and determine if this organisation is right for you!  The signs are always there so look out for them.  Is it the right culture, who is your line manager, can you see yourself working well with them?  Is it the right role, will it challenge you, is it realistic, is it well paid? Is it a good working environment, do staff appear happy?  Did the information pack reflect well on the organisation, was it thorough and professional?


Expect the highest standards, don’t accept less.


Every person and every situation is different with different needs, see below what we might cover together.

What We Cover

Getting the job


  • Understand the role and the organisation
  • Recognise your skills, experience, knowledge and achievements
  • Explain these succinctly in the application form or CV
  • Prepare your competencies matched to the job for the interview or presentation
  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Look and act smart and professional, always



  • Know your nerves and fears, accept them and then overcome them
  • Identify obstacles standing in your way
  • Change damaging thinking to helpful thinking
  • Get rid of the little niggles that chip away at confidence
  • Feel strong and happy
  • Look good, feel good and Be Yourself

Drawing up your CV


  • Ask yourself – are you proud of your CV, is it professional, up to date, will it stand out from others or is it time to present yourself in a better way?
  • Know who you are and determine your unique mix of experience, skills, knowledge and achievements
  • Do you want to continue using all your skills? It might be time to leave some behind; it might be time to do something different!
  • Finalise your story in a professional format