Lucy Traynor Coaching

Why come to Lucy Traynor Coaching?


Since 2013 I have successfully helped individuals across all levels and skills make significant career changes, start businesses and develop or regain their confidence and self-belief.


I absolutely love being on the coaching journey with people, seeing how they take control of their lives, make decisions putting themselves first, change their thinking, become stronger, feel great about themselves and be happy.


The Lucy Traynor Coaching mission is Believe It: Achieve It.  There are no limits in my view and my belief is that everyone can achieve far beyond their expectations.  My work is underpinned by my own values and the Association for Coaching code of ethics.   I guarantee confidentiality and at all times am mindful of my client’s dignity.

Ready to make that change?


The coaching sessions will always be to your agenda.  It is not my role to determine what is to be discussed at a session, my role is to help you identify and achieve your goals.  We will explore those things that interfere with your progress and hold you back from reaching your full potential which may include attitudes, behaviours, values and beliefs.


I am a challenging coach who will develop your self-awareness and analyse the areas of your life where change will be valuable for you. Removing any fears or doubts is part of this process and is done always with respect and care for you.

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Lucy Traynor Coaching Individuals

My Coaching Promise


I meet clients in a caring, safe and confidential environment where it is easy to share, trust and open up to possibilities, some of which may never have been considered.  We have an initial 15 minute no obligation call to establish what you want and if I am the coach to deliver that for you.


My fees are clarified during this call and are dependent on what you need and how I will deliver that.  I consider personal circumstances such as low income or unemployed status.  We will also discuss the appointment time; evenings and weekends are considered although are by exception only.  Coaching by phone is an option.


The agreement can be terminated by either party without notice at any time.


As a member of the Association for Coaching my coaching practice must be congruent with the code of professional practice as set out in their code of ethics.   A copy of these may be checked through the Association for Coaching website on


I will always work to my values.