Business Leaders must do their best.

Doing your best is not perfection, it is working hard, working smart and working with strong values.


I consult with businesses and charities on a range of matters such as restructuring, review of job roles, performance excellence, building effective boards, good governance and advising on effective HR policies and procedures.


I provide professional supervision, executive coaching and mentoring for personal development.  I build confidence, change thinking errors and guide applicants to deliver in competency-based interviews either for internal positions and for staff facing redundancy.


I listen, question and challenge across all levels and only work with organisations that truly value its people and want a workplace that will develop, innovate, deliver and thrive.  Encouraging performance excellence through real, workable, honest review processes, I am straight-talking and have no fear of the difficult conversations.  I will tackle the issues whilst recognising and valuing talent and successes.


I welcome and embrace change and coach people across all levels to see a different, clearer, positive and happier way.

Lucy Traynor Coaching Individuals